Derkacheva Irina is the champion of bodybuilding in Ukraine - the Championship NABBA 2007 of Ukraine - 2nd place


Derkacheva Irina is champion of Ukrainian Bodybuilding
Date of Birth: on June, 27th, 1980
Place of Birth: Kherson, Ukraine
Height : 168 m
Weight: 67 kg
Marital Status: single;
Achievements in sport:

Ukraine Cup 2004 - III place;

Ukraine Cup 2005 - I Place ;

Championship of Ukraine 2005 - Place (NABBA).   

Ukraine Cup 2006 - Place ;

The Championship of Ukraine 2006 - I Place (NABBA). 

Championship NABBA of Ukraine 2007 - Place  


Women's muscles of Ukraine present Irina Derkacheva

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A modern sport and a sports activity are a component of culture of any nation. All over the world sports for women became social force, means of self-affirmation. The statistics confirms, that 52% of women are visiting gym. It is connected with positive influence of bodybuilding on an organism, ability to improve an emotional condition, to normalize arterial pressure, to normalize processes of digestion and to serve for preventive maintenance from various diseases. 









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Derkacheva Irina

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Irina Derkacheva

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